Tips to take advantage of your credit card

Credit Cards usage could be a deal of benefit for you if you use your credit card in an efficient manner. Taking purchases for granted and paying the amount with an added interest has become traditional activity.

Akshat sethi

Following are some tips that can help you in taking the advantage of your credit card and will allow you to make most out of your credit card.

1. Look for a low interest rate : If you are going to carry a balance on a new credit card, try to find out the lowest interest rate. For many people, credit card annual percentage rates are average, between 13%-15% but some issuers are going as low as 7.9% on their rates. You may also use 0% introductory rates to your advantage.

2. Try to get free short term loan on purchases : It could only be done if you use your credit card wisely. Piling up balances or paying late can take you towards the pain of expensive debt, fees and other penalties. If you want to maximize the value of your cards, you don’t want to rack up costs and with a balance, you rack up costs.

3. Put credit card rewards out of your mind : Always use the cards as you normally would. Never give thoughts to reward programs. Instead of monitoring the rewards account, let it build up and make a note to check on it after a few months.

Hope these tips help you in getting you the best pleasure from your credit cards.


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